Feb 052013


Last year, I was looking for a camera that would do video to a reasonable quality. During my specification research, I found that the figures for a particular model its maximum video duration seem to vary from one site to another. Researching some more, I found that UK sites (where I live) showed 30 minutes on all camera makes or models. Whereas on US sites this would vary, usually limited by the size of the memory card and can be hours long.

It seems that in the EU, the legislators deem that all cameras have to be limited in this way to force consumers to buy a video camera (even if they already own a still camera with video) if they needed more than 30 minutes of video. Perhaps most people don’t care as few non-professionals would need to film a clip of more than ½ hour. In fact friends of people who show holiday videos might appreciate this limitation! But my need was to shoot yoga and tai chi lessons which can last up to two hours. I suppose I could have picked up a video camera but it’s a hassle carrying two pieces of gear for my travelling occasions.

Luckily I had planned a trip to the US to see family and waited till then to get a camera that could be used for my videoing requirements. Yes I know it is NTSC over there but that is not an issue for me. Unlike the picture shown at the beginning, I did not get a Pentax but a very high spec Panasonic compact that was half the price of the equivalent UK version. The price was a factor to avoid custom charges. And of course I used the Amazon star rating system to short list and narrow down my choice!


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